Insanely Productive: Expert Level Nostromo Tips

Insanely Productive: Expert Level Nostromo Tips

Do you remember that your first “aha!” moment with a tool? We all have one: that exact moment when a neat trick blows your mind so profoundly, and suddenly you just get it.

Using only the basic and obvious features of Nostromo is already enough to make it your best ally in managing your projects, but there’s so much more under the hood of this tool that makes it truly amazing. Below is a list of useful hacks and tips that help you manage and organize all projects and task and make you a true Nostromo pro user.

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The Slack Integration Has Arrived!

The Slack Integration Has Arrived!

So you are using a great digital product management tool, Nostromo. Maybe you are also using some kind of communication tool to make the conversation easier and more effective within your team members and to escape the pile of emails you are sending from day to day.

Here at Nostromo we do the same, and we are using Slack.

What is Slack? Slack is a messaging app for teams: everything in one place, instantly searchable. And it’s free for as long as you want, with an unlimited number of people.

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Import your projects in just a few minutes from Trello

We at Nostromo know well that transferring a project from one product management tool to another is a nightmare. Firstly it is challenging enough on its own to find a tool that fits your needs and gives you the required control on getting things done. But right after selecting the new tool will come further challenges: you have to set up your new working environment, make all the necessary configurations, invite your co-workers, and most importantly make your existing data available in your new tool. Let’s admit: that is the hardest part, copying and pasting for days – God forbid – for weeks…

Let us help you!

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