Handle your Todos right inside Nostromo

Handle your Todos right inside Nostromo

It’s Wednesday morning, you just sat down to your computer, opened your inbox and found a new notification. You were just assigned to a new card in Nostromo. You check the card noting you have two todos one with a card and one smaller which you don’t want to create a card.

You open your Todo list handled in another app and create a new item with the task from the card, so you won’t forget it. Then you go back to Nostromo, to see which cards do you have to handle that day.

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Introducing Designs module for seamless design collaboration

It’s 3pm, you are up to your eyes in your latest task, when a message pops up on your screen from Jack:

“Hey, can you send me the design of the new landing page? You know the one with the green button. The one I said needed some changes in the menu structure. The one we emailed about last week – I deleted the email!”

At first, you have no idea what he’s talking about. Then you start to search your email thread for the design, guessing the subject line and dates in a desperate attempt to find the right conversation. After 20 minutes of nerve-racking searching, you finally find it (in 4 different email threads of course).

“You didn’t modify the menu structure on the latest design as I asked.”

“But you didn’t ask for that in your email.”

“Yes, but I dropped you another email with some other requests on it, did you not see it?”

We’ve all had this conversation at some point in our career. It’s painful, right?

Well, the solution is here: the new ‘Designs’ module for Nostromo will solve these situations. Screen is a place where you can share all the design work that is created to a project. With a simple and intuitive interface in which you can share sketches, wireframes or full designs basically any image file you create.

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Labels Are Here! The Feature You All Waited For

Labels Are Here! The Feature You All Waited For

Everyone who managed or took part in a project knows how easy it is to get lost in the woods of ToDo’s, ideas and plans. You need to have fantastic task organizing system to manage your projects successfully.

So we are happy to introduce the long anticipated Label feature. From now on you are able to keep your tasks and projects more organized than ever.

Add various and multiple labels to each card and categorize them as you like. For doing that we have 10 built-in colors to choose from. You can create multiple labels with each on any card.

Using labels is easy, hell it’s even fun and as a result, you get a much more structured and transparent overview on your project.

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Search with Ease Using the New Spotlight Search Feature

You manage your projects in Nostromo. Surely you have a bunch of products, which means you have tons of labeled cards, plenty of screens and countless comments.

It is hard enough to manage multiple projects, not to mention to keep every little detail in mind.

So we’re here to make your life easier! From now on the new SEARCH function is available in Nostromo.

You can now search in card titles, descriptions, checklists, screen titles and in all comments at once with just a press of a button. Find the information you need in no time, and save valuable time while you work.

So how exactly does Search function work?

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