It’s Wednesday morning, you just sat down to your computer, opened your inbox and found a new notification. You were just assigned to a new card in Nostromo. You check the card noting you have two todos one with a card and one smaller which you don’t want to create a card.

You open your Todo list handled in another app and create a new item with the task from the card, so you won’t forget it. Then you go back to Nostromo, to see which cards do you have to handle that day.

After your task is done on the card you go back to your todo list, to check the item completed, then back to Nostromo to see what’s next in the queue.

Then back and forth, back and forth while you wish you can just handle your todo’s and project task at one place.

Well here we are, and we made your wish come true!

Imagine a place within Nostromo where you are able to see all the cards that are assigned to you in one place, where you can create todo’s from any task or from your cards with just a click of a button, prioritize them and mark them as completed when they are done.

Instead of going back and forth between different tools while losing time and even (in a worst case scenario) important information during that, you’d be able to manage your todo’s right where they appear containing all the information you need.

How cool is that?

To access your Dashboard either click on the logo on the left corner top or select Dashboard from the top right menu:


On your Dashboard you’ll be able to see two areas: the My Cards section on the left and the Todos section on the right.

In the My Cards section you can access all Nostromo cards you are added to.

From them, you can create a simple todo list with tasks you need to focus on in Todos section.

Using the My Cards section

Here we list all your cards (the ones you are added to) grouped by Projects. You can list your cards by different periods, using the period tabs on the top or by using the filters on the top.



To check which cards in a project are assigned to you, click on the project’s name or the detail disclosure arrow on the right. By clicking on a card’s name, you can open it for further use.

You can also log your hours to card quickly from here by using the card icons.


And last but not least (our personal favorite) you’re able to instantly create a todo list item with the selected card’s name on it, by clicking on the todo item button on the left.


Organizing your tasks more effectively

In the ToDo list section of your Dashboard you can create any task you have to complete by simply adding a name of it and then clicking on the + icon; or generate a todo item from one of your cards listen in the left.

gif_createtodos_without card_withcard.gif

Prioritize and arrange your tasks by drag&drop or mark them as completed by clicking on their checkbox.

A quick tip: tasks marked completed in Todos will disappear from the Todos list instantly.



To start using your dashboard today, just sign in to Nostromo or refresh your browser tab where Nostromo is open.

And keep on organizing!

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