Everyone who managed or took part in a project knows how easy it is to get lost in the woods of ToDo’s, ideas and plans. You need to have fantastic task organizing system to manage your projects successfully.

So we are happy to introduce the long anticipated Label feature. From now on you are able to keep your tasks and projects more organized than ever.

Add various and multiple labels to each card and categorize them as you like. For doing that we have 10 built-in colors to choose from. You can create multiple labels with each on any card.

Using labels is easy, hell it’s even fun and as a result, you get a much more structured and transparent overview on your project.

Labels not only make your board beautiful but you can even use filter your cards using them.

Although it’s pretty easy, we give you a quick tour of how it works.

You can create your labels by opening a card and clicking on the plus sign below to ‘Labels’.


To continue just select a label color you prefer, give a name to your label and click on the create button.


You can create an unlimited number of labels, they all will appear on the top right corner of the card with label names also visible. If you want to use only one color, your favorite one, for all of your labels, feel free to do that, it is also possible.


In the board view, your labels will show up as small but noticeable colored notches on the top of the card with the label names on them.

Filtering by labels is also available as part of Nostromo’s advanced filter tool on the top of a board.


Easy as a pie, right? So dive into Nostromo and try it out now!

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