Search with Ease Using the New Spotlight Search Feature

You manage your projects in Nostromo. Surely you have a bunch of products, which means you have tons of labeled cards, plenty of screens and countless comments.

It is hard enough to manage multiple projects, not to mention to keep every little detail in mind.

So we’re here to make your life easier! From now on the new SEARCH function is available in Nostromo.

You can now search in card titles, descriptions, checklists, screen titles and in all comments at once with just a press of a button. Find the information you need in no time, and save valuable time while you work.

So how exactly does Search function work?

Just press the ‘S’ button on your keyboard, and the spotlight search bar appears on the screen:


Then start to type in the keywords of the information you need:


Now you just need to select the content you were looking for and press ENTER or click on it, and the required content will appear in no time for you to use it. Note that it will only open the card, but not the board it is at, letting you go on with your tasks after closing this card.


Talking about search options, you can use the Filter feature (hotkey: “F”) for filtering a board by card, label or user.

Just type in the word you are searching for in the box on the top of the screen, and the board will be filtered in real time:


Once you tried these Nostromo features you won’t be able to work without them. 🙂

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