Import your projects in just a few minutes from Trello

We at Nostromo know well that transferring a project from one product management tool to another is a nightmare. Firstly it is challenging enough on its own to find a tool that fits your needs and gives you the required control on getting things done. But right after selecting the new tool will come further challenges: you have to set up your new working environment, make all the necessary configurations, invite your co-workers, and most importantly make your existing data available in your new tool. Let’s admit: that is the hardest part, copying and pasting for days – God forbid – for weeks…

Let us help you!

If you manage your projects in Trello we have a solution you’ll love.

Switching from Trello to Nostromo is easy.

As a new user just follow our onboarding process and after a few configuration steps in organizational settings, you can start migrating all your data to Nostromo: press the “Import from Trello” button and log in with your Trello account.


The process is quite straightforward:

1. Choose the organization that you want to import into Nostromo:


2. Select your Trello boards you want to import and specify their destination projects and boards in Nostromo:


3. Finally, make sure that your whole team is on board in Nostromo by giving their e-mail addresses:


When done, just push the next button to start the process.

Easy, right?



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